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Five Styles of Garage Doors

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Five Styles of Garage Doors

The Top Five Styles of Garage Doors

Garages are surprisingly one of the most useful rooms within your home. This is due to their useful multipurposeness. The original purpose of garages was to store vehicles, including cars. Despite still being used for this purpose, garages are now commonly used for storage, for keeping tools, for appliances, an additional room, and much more! When it comes to owning a garage, the possibility for creativeness is endless and how you use the garage is completely up to you and your preferences. Garages are usually highly spacious as they are used to store vehicles, so the availability and room for creativity in your garage is substantial. 

Without a garage door, there is no garage. A home wouldn’t be a home without secure doors, people could freely walk in and out, so neither would a garage be. Garages commonly are used to store valuable items, including cars, appliances, and even furniture so it’s extremely important to have an efficient door to protect everything that awaits inside. There are many types of highly secure garage doors for your home’s garage. Many of these types come in a variety of materials and styles. In this post, we have carefully selected five of the best styles of garage doors that are available on the market today for the garage of your home. 

Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Door Benefits

This style of garage door is perhaps one of the simplest, however, it is definitely one of the most spaciously efficient. Roller garage doors come as the packaging says. The door rolls smoothly in a vertical manner up to the surface of your garage, allowing vehicles to freely enter the garage or for you to enter your own garage. This garage style requires no internal tracks which allow allows more space on your ceiling. Inside the door are a variety of slats that can roll around itself, which allow the garage door to efficiently roll-up. If you’re looking for a spacious garage, then the roller garage is the ideal garage for you. These garages also provide an immense level of insulation and a rubber seal along the base prevents dust and debris from entering the garage. 

With roller garage doors, the majority are only constructed with thinner materials including steel, aluminium, and timber. This is so that the door can roll up hassle-free. Thicker materials would struggle to roll up. Despite this, roller garage doors can come in almost any colour. So whatever colour your home is, you will be easily able to find a roller garage door that matches the colour and design of your home. 

Up and Over Garage Doors

Probably the most common style of garage in the UK for a very good reason. Up and over garages are one of the safest and most reliable garage doors that are available on the market. The simple design means that the mechanisms and components are highly durable without being too expensive. This then ensures that any servicing and repairs that need to take place as simple, which makes the garage doors a long-lasting, cost-efficient way of protecting your home and the contents of your garage. When an up and over garage is installed, it also goes through vigorous assessments and checks take place to ensure that the doors are secure and will work efficiently. For a cost-efficient and simple design that will keep your garage insulated and secure, these garage doors are your go-to.

Another huge benefit of up and over garage doors is their huge availability for creativity. These garage doors are available in pretty much every colour, in a variety of materials including aluminium, steel, and timber, and can come with or without windows. If you’re looking for simplicity in the design, but pleasure in the aesthetics, then the up and over style is the ideal garage door for your home.

Automatic Garage Doors

automated roller garage door

How good would it be to park your car in your garage without having to lift the door first? Thankfully there is a solution! Automatic garage doors can be raised with the click of a button, allowing you to lift your garage door effortlessly. These garage doors are also available for single and double garages, meaning if you have a bigger garage, an automatic garage door will be available for you. Additionally to this, these garage doors are extremely well insulated, meaning your garage can be much more than just a place to store your car or possessions. These garage doors are also fantastic for anybody with back problems or is disabled where lifting would be a problem. 

A major benefit besides the automation is that this garage door style comes in a variety of materials, styles, and colours, which can benefit the aesthetics of your home. Many garages are located on the front interior of homes, which makes them the first thing people may see when viewing your home. An aesthetically satisfying garage will give your house a fantastic and inviting impression for your guests, without your guests being impressed enough that your garage can lift itself.  These garage doors are an aesthetically pleasing and highly convenient addition to any home. 

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are highly similar to roller garage doors, however, sectional garage doors lay across the ceiling of the garage. The name sectional garage doors is derived from the way that the garage is constructed. Sectional garage doors are constructed with various sections that open vertically. These sections have very high durability and are fantastic for insulating the garage, meaning your garage can be used for multiple reasons throughout the year. This also means that during winter if you choose to store your car in the garage, your car will be warm for when you drive to work or wherever else you need to be in the morning, your car will be warm and comfortable for your journey.

With sectional garage doors, you can tailor the door to fit in with the design of your home, plus, there are numerous garages that these doors are ideal for. Sectional garage doors are very much so contemporary garage doors. They come widely in a range of different materials, colours, and styles, additionally to fitting in garages of any size with any kind of opening, be it chamfered, rectangular, sectional, or any unique shape. This garage door type is ideal all round.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors

And finally, side hinged garage doors. These incredibly simple garage doors are fantastic for allowing more space inside of your garage as they open like a regular door. This style is a fantastic classic design that provides everything that you need when looking for a garage door. Aesthetics, insulation, and safety are all provided with this style of garage door. Due to the garage door opening towards or away from you, it allows the door to be constructed from any material that you choose. Commonly, side hinged garage doors are made from wood, however, it is completely down to your preference what material you use for your garage door. These doors can also be installed with windows. Side-hinged garage doors invite a classic feel to your home and can easily be installed to any garage type. For simple, yet impressive garage doors for your home, we recommend side hinged doors. 

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