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Rockdoor Composite Doors

Find the Perfect New Rockdoor Composite Door for your Home

The first thing that visitors see when visiting your home is your front door. It’s essentially the gateway to your home, so why not allow the outside to reflect the welcoming and homely feel you have worked so hard to project on the inside.

However, your front door is not only a decorative piece, it also takes on a lot of demands including keeping you and your family safe and warm. By choosing a Rockdoor composite door, you’ll be able to rest easy in the peace of mind that your front door will be able to meet all of your needs and requirements.

Rockdoor holds an excellent reputation for a range of reasons, including being one of the strongest composite doors on the market! That alone is an excellent reason to choose a Rockdoor, yet you’ll also be able to have full control over the design of your composite door, to ensure that the finished product encompasses the aesthetic of your home.

If you’re looking for a new composite front door, make sure to take a closer look over the range of door styles, colours and designs available to you from Rockdoor, either below or by downloading the brochure below, today.

Here at Chase Garage Doors, we’ll be more than happy to also provide you with any further information and advice that you need about choosing your new Rockdoor composite door on 01543 467 175, or by filling in a contact form below.

Christmas Jacobean Rockdoor

Rockdoor Composite Door Range

First impressions are essential, which is why we are delighted to provide you with such a wide range of high-quality Rockdoor composite doors to suit both your home’s practical needs and overall aesthetic, perfectly. Make sure to try our door designer below to find the perfect door.

Why Choose a Rockdoor Composite Door?

As mentioned above, Rockdoor is a company which is held very highly in the eyes of their customers.

Thermal Efficiency

Not only do Rockdoor Composite Doors look excellent, but they perform extremely well in terms of energy efficiency and safety.

In fact, Rockdoor is one of the only composite door manufacturers who offer doors with A ratings for thermal efficiency. These doors will work just as effectively as insulation and therefore help you to cut your monthly bills and do your bit for the environment. What’s more, excellent thermal efficiency means no draughts and therefore a much warmer home.

Safety & Security

Rockdoor Composite Doors are also incredibly secure. Other front door options such as GRP and timber are simply just not as substantial and could potentially allow intruders to gain entrance to your home and whilst 70% of burglaries occur through an entrance door, you don’t want to wait until the worst happens to invest in a strong, well-fitting Rockdoor composite door.

Each Rockdoor composite door will have a reinforced inner frame, to ensure that your family has the peace of mind that your home is safe and that no unwanted visitors can have access.

Made to Measure

Unlike many other manufacturers, Rockdoor makes their composite doors individually, to ensure that your front door will fit and suit your home perfectly. A composite door that has been cut down and modified to fit won’t be as secure and overall will be a lot weaker, which is why Rockdoor believes that it is important that every front door is made to measure.

Looking for Some Inspiration?

Take a look at some examples of the Rockdoor composite door range, below;

Christmas- Stable View Light

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It’s only right that the exterior of your home reflects the interior perfectly. Don’t let an old, out of date, door let you down. Here at Chase Garage Doors, we are proud to be your local, trusted, Rockdoor composite door installer. Make sure to get in touch with our team today for more information and to discuss your new composite door, whether you’re in Cannock, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Rugeley or beyond. We’ll be more than happy to help.