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Maintenance Contract

Maintenance Service Agreement
Maintenance Service Scheme - Is Your Warranty Protected?

Chase Garage Doors provides a free 12-month fitting and installation warranty with every garage door and electric operator that our engineers install. This comes as standard with all our door installs. These warranties can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and they range from 2 years cover through to 10 years depending on the manufacturer and door type.

As part of our after-sales support Chase Garage Doors provide you our valued customer an affordable and comprehensive maintenance service scheme that safe guards you to ensure your door operates as smoothly as possible. The manufacturer’s ‘safe and reliable’ guarantee is in place to protect you but in the event you have a future warranty claim providing proof that you have serviced your door annually will safe guard you this warranty.

To ensure that your manufacturer’s ‘safe and reliable’ cover is protected please consider our offering. All garage doors with moving parts should be maintained and serviced annually. The manufacturer will require your garage door to be serviced by an approved engineer at least once a year and that a maintenance record is completed and produced upon any warranty claim.

If you enrol in our maintenance scheme, ensuring your garage door is serviced annually; we will guarantee the ‘safe and reliable’ operation of your garage door and provide you with a comprehensive record of what we have serviced. Please be aware that if your door fails to operate successfully after this service has been carried out we will then offer you an assessment call out to review any operating issues. This will be charged at the locational rates prices, starting from £85 plus vat.

As a maintenance service customer, you will have peace of mind that at Chase Garage Doors we will keep your garage door functioning ‘safely and reliably’ for nothing more than an annual service fee of £85. This will give you peace of mind that not only are you protecting yourself from potentially costly repairs, but you are adhering to the guidelines set out by the manufacturer and protecting your warranty.

What does a Maintenance Contract Cover?

What is included in the Maintenance Service scheme?
  • Annual reminders to book a service at a time convenient to you.
  • A comprehensive service provided by an experienced Engineer at a fee of £85 per year. In the event you have more than one door the extra doors will be serviced at a reduced rate. The extra doors will receive a 50 % discount per door.
  • A Service Passport to record all maintenance visits.
  • Assurance that should you have any concerns with the ‘safe and reliable’ operation of your garage door in-between service visits we will support you at no cost to you over the phone.
  • Confidence your garage door will function safely and reliably and therefore adhering to the guidelines set out by the manufacture.
  • Please be aware at the time of booking your service call out as an appointment you are liable for the £85 if a comprehensive service is carried out at your property.
  • You will be left with relevant paperwork plus feedback on how we perceive your door to be operating at the time. Thank you.
What is not covered by the Maintenance Service scheme?
  • Panel corrosion or weathering – refer to your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Painting or periodic treatment of wooden garage doors.
  • Damage or destruction after installation.
  • Replacement light bulbs, batteries, fuses and hand transmitters, motors, auto locks, control panel and such parts. All parts are charged if a replacement is needed.
  • In the event that your door ceases to operate and function normally in between your annual service. Please be aware this will be classified as a repair and a call-out charge will be applied. Call out charges start from £85 plus VAT and all parts which ARE NOT covered under your warranty will be chargeable. You will however receive a 10% discount on these parts in the event they need replacing.

Our specialist team at Chase Garage Doors are able to advise on any routine maintenance, accessories or replacement items at any time as part of this scheme.

For your benefit we have included links to the terms and conditions relating to the warranties from our manufacturers. To view these please click on the relevant manufacture logo below:

Aluroll logo
AlluGuard Logo
Hormann logo
Select Bespoke Garage Door logo
Your Door logo

Our SIMPLE scheme steps we follow:

  1. You complete the form below
  2. Tick each box within the form
  3. Click send and await your call !
  4. We receive and email of all your details.
  5. You get a call/ email/ text to offer you an appointment slot
  6. You pay your £80 on booking your slot with confirmation of your appointment details. This can be done over the phone or bacs payment.
  7. Your appointment is emailed to you.
  8. Our engineers arrives to  service your door and complete your documentation certification and runs through the findings of the service.
  9. If you are not in at this time you will receive the report via email following our visit.
  10. If you require any replacements parts that we can attend on the day you will be offered this service at a 10 % discount on the parts.
  11. 4 weeks before you next anniversary you will receive a reminder about your service and we start the process all over again!

Please be aware that once you have made your appointment for your service to be carried out and paid you £80 you must give us 72 hour’s notice if you need to amend this booking slot. We will always endeavour to re book your appointment. Failure to not provide us with this advance notice will potentially mean you forfeit your slot and no refund will be payable. If we need to cancel your appointment, you will be notified and we will endeavour to book you another slot at your convenience.

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