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SMART Living

Smart Living

by bringing technology and garage doors together.

Somfy Smart Home puts you in control, makes your life easier, more comfortable and gives you peace of mind, wherever your are. Monitor and operate blinds, curtains, lights, electrical equipment, heating and garage doors with your smartphone or tablet.

You can adjust everything about the Somfy Smart Home System to accommodate your personal preferences and you can monitor and operate it from anywhere in the world. Keep an eye on your home using cameras and movement detectors for home surveillance, for great peace of mind.

Somfy TaHoma is a smart box and the heart of your Smart Home. It links you to your home via the smart TaHoma app. Somfy Smart Home solutions are extremely easy to use and can be installed with very little trouble.

You can add products whenever it suits your needs or your budget. Somfy Smart Home gets the most from your home with the least possible effort.

Smart living starts with AlluGuard and Somfy Smart Home.

Always connected to your home with Somfy Smart Home

Enjoy a relaxing day at home, while keeping your room cool in summer and warm in winter!

Control your blinds and curtains with your smartphone. Create scenarios for your favourite settings involving your blinds, curtains, interior lights and heating. With one click your entire home is set to the right ambience.

Check and adjust blinds or curtains remotely to keep your home cool in summer, retain heat in winter or make your window coverings even smarter by adding temperature or sun sensors and let your blinds and lights react to circumstances automatically.

Garages for Smart Living
SMART Phone Connected Garage

Close up your home with one click on your smartphone

Link your lights, roller-shutters and garage door together in a ‘leave’ scenario and Somfy Smart Home will take care of everything. The roller shutters close, all the lights are turned off and the garage door automatically closes behind you. Your
youngest has forgotten his house keys? The postman wants to leave a parcel? Relax! You can open your garage door remotely from your smartphone. Smart living starts with Somfy!

Easy, smart & comfortable living at home

Program your home to create your ideal living environment, any day. When you wake up your curtains open automatically, the lights turn on and the heating system switches to COMFORT mode. When you leave , all lights turn off and the heating is set to ECO mode. Your home will come to life again when you arrive back home: lights will turn on and the roller shutters, blinds or curtains will close to keep the house cosy and warm. Enjoy a system that reacts at the touch of a finger or even automatically!

Smart Home Garages
Smart Living Garages

Always keep an eye on your home

Where and wherever your want, you can check on your home.
Through the app you can switch on the lights or open the curtains, giving the impression that the house is occupied to scare off intruders. You can also keep a close eye on your house with sensors or cameras. If anything unexpected happens you will be alerted immediately by a push message that is send to
your phone. If you are not in the position to check on your home yourself, your selected neighbours, family or friends get a push message too, so immediate action can be taken. Somfy smart home gives you peace of mind and a sense of safety.

More comfort and peace of mind thank to Somfy Smart Home

Easy & smart living

Control and monitor your blinds, curtains, lighting, heating, awning and garage door with smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere, anytime.

Personalised to your needs

Create scenario’s for waking up, leaving the house, going to bed and more. Involving multiple connected products and let TaHoma run your home
according to your personal preferences.

Effortless and smart control

Add weather or opening sensors to effortlessly and automatically control your home. Just program your preferences and TaHoma will do the rest. Smart!

More peace of mind

Remotely or whenever you want, make sure everything is OK at home and adjust your equipment whenever you want.

Smart Living Garages
Smart Living

Keeping an eye on your home

Automatic surveillance and recording of events thanks to the camera.

Scare off potential burglars

Clever home presence simulation turns your lights on an off at set times, to create the illusion that somebody is home and scare of potential burglars.

Receiving alerts

If there is an intrusion, or smoke detection, an alert is sent to your smartphone. Now you can take immediate action.

Active protection

If there is an intrusion, the equipment connected to TaHoma® simultaneously activate to protect your home (rolling shutters close and lights turn on).

Smart Home Control with the Somfy Tahoma Home Hub

Home automation from AlluGuard is easy with the Somfy Tahoma Home Hub. Turn your home into a smart home – control your garage door, lighting, security and a host of smart technology around your home from your smartphone, tablet or pc… …from anywhere in the world!

These videos introduce the features and benefits of using a Somfy Tahoma Home Hub, with full range details available in our brochure, which can be downloaded here.