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Roller Garage Doors

The Benefits of a Roller Garage Door

There are a wide range of benefits associated with roller garage doors. The first is that they’re incredibly durable and long-lasting, meaning a roller garage door can be a worthwhile long-term investment.

Roller garage doors also provide a smooth transition when opening and closing the shutter, providing smooth and easy access to your garage whenever you require it. Internal tracks aren’t required either, meaning it can be opened smoothly in a vertical manner, doesn’t take up much space and is quick to install.

Safety and security is also high up on the list of roller garage door benefits, using robust materials and including many security features.

Our roller garage doors come in a range of designs and styles, including colour variants and materials. So whatever your property looks like, there’s a roller garage door to suit it.


High-Quality Roller Garage Doors

Our roller garage doors use the best quality materials and provide your garage with an extremely well-insulated and efficient door. The doors themselves come in a variety of different finishes, including aluminium, steel and timber. Because of the style choices available, a roller garage door can perfectly match any home exterior.

The roller garage door itself is similar to a curtain and has a variety of slats that can then roll around itself, meaning it’s easy to open and close, and doesn’t take up much room either.

Most of our roller garage doors are made to order, so they can be tailored to your exact requirements. Roller garage doors have a maximum width of around 5-6 metres and work extremely well for standard garages.

Speak to one of our team of expert installers today, who will be able to advise you on the best garage door for your home, whether it’s a roller, sectional, side-hinged or up and over garage door.

Roller Garage Doors Cannock
Roller Garage Door in Cannock

Roller Shutter Garage Doors Ideal For Compact Spaces

If you have a short driveway and limited space, a roller garage door is the answer. This easy to maintain, corrosion-resistant door opens vertically allowing you to park within inches of your garage door. With no internal tracking either, your roller garage door will use minimal interior space either.

We have a range of installers who will be able to come to your home and conduct a free roller garage door survey to run through potential designs and ideas for your garage. This will help you to visualise your new garage door, and start the process of turning your vision into reality.


Warmth & Security with Insulated Roller Garage Doors

All our roller garage doors are fitted as standard with secure anti-lift straps designed to stop the door from being forced open. A rubber seal along the base of the door prevents dust, debris and leaves from blowing into your garage and will also help keep the cold at bay.

The roller garage doors we offer are extremely robust, meaning they’re safe and secure, protecting your property and your garage with ease. Get in touch with a member of the Chase Garage Doors team today and we can talk in more detail about our range of roller garage doors and your specific requirements.

Roller Garage Door Cannock
Garage Door Roller Cannock

Made-to-Measure Roller Shutter Doors

In addition to a range of ‘off the shelf’ models, Chase Garage Doors can supply and fit bespoke roller garage doors, which is especially useful if you want a particular size or style that isn’t commonly used. Call now for a free survey and measuring service to start your roller garage door journey.

Automatic Electric Roller Garage Doors

Whilst roller garage doors can be opened manually, you can also have it automated too, using a remote to open your garage doors with just a touch of a button. Automatic garage doors are beneficial if you use your garage to store your vehicle and require easy access to enter and exit, and it’s also easy to use if you have mobility issues.