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Composite Door FAQs

When you’re faced with purchasing a new front door, sometimes it can seem like a hard task. Of course, you want to ensure that you, your family and all of your belongings are as safe as possible, which is why you may be considering a composite door.

Below, we have put together some of the main questions that we receive here at Chase Garage Doors. However, should you have any more specific questions, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts today.

What is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are a popular choice of door amongst thousands of homeowners across the UK, especially over more recent years.

They’re much stronger than PVCu doors and a far cheaper alternative to wooden and aluminium doors, to offer homeowners a much more modern and traditional looking door, which is built to last, at a fraction of the price.

Are Composite Doors Better than Wooden Doors?

Composite doors today come in a huge range of styles, and many in fact replicate traditional timber doors, at a much lower cost overall and they require far less maintenance. This is just one reason why composite doors are so popular.

Can I Have a Composite Back Door?

Yes! Here at Chase Garage Doors, we are proud to offer a wide range of composite doors, perfect not only to act as a front door, but also a back or side door. When you choose a composite back door, you’ll have that added peace of mind that your home is even more secure, energy-efficient and simply just looks brilliant!

You won’t have to settle for a simple-looking back door, either. You can design your back composite door to be as ornate and interesting as you like, including the colour, glass panel style and design.

Will My Composite Door be Secured By Design Backed?

Secured by Design is a UK initiative operated by the police, to help design products that reduce crime through their design.

For a composite door to be ‘Secured by Design’ they need to fit a particular specification, which includes;

  • Meet PAS24:2012 certification,
  • Tested by an approved independent third party under the BSI Kitemark scheme,
  • Include a multi-point lock, laminated glass, security glass cassette, steel or GRP materials, a security hood for the letterbox, a door chain and a door viewer.
How Secure are Composite Doors?

Of course, it is vital that your door is secure, simply for keeping you, your home and your belongings safe.

Composite doors offer a high level of security and are incredibly difficult to break into due to their incredibly super-strong structure. Thanks to this fantastic structure, your composite door will also be weather-resistant and durable, meaning that it will last a long time, and won’t be as prone to damage as other types of doors.

What are Composite Doors Made Out Of?

A composite door is made from highly impact-resistant glass reinforced polyester (GRP) panels. This material is incredibly strong, which is what makes a composite door so secure.

These GRP panels are also fused to an internal frame, which is made from uPVC, that also contains another frame of hardwood. This double frame creates unbeatable stability and rigidity.

The internal space of the door is also injected with a warm thermal polyurethane foam core, which offers A-rated insulation, making your door incredibly energy efficient.

Who is Rockdoor?

Since 1996, RockDoor has been manufacturing quality composite doors that are trusted by many homeowners across the UK. RockDoor has been achieving incredibly high standards for many years, through creating high-quality composite doors with unbeatable security.

In fact, my RockDoor composite doors are ‘Secured by Design’.

Who is Visage?

With a range of 40 door styles and 13 colours to choose from, Visage is a composite door manufacturer known for its security, style and energy efficiency. With an outstanding reputation and exceptional standards, a Visage composite door will help to keep your family safe.

How Can I Care for My New Composite Door?

Of course, composite doors are incredibly high-quality, durable, secure and energy-efficient. However, one of the main reasons why people choose to purchase a composite door is down to simply how brilliant they look. However, how can you keep your composite door looking good?

In fact, composite doors are incredibly easy to look after! Due to how they are made, you’ll find that your composite door never fades, discolours or warps, like many other types of doors.

If you wish to keep your door in its best condition and looking great ongoing, all you need to do is simply wash it down regularly with warm soapy water! This will remove all grime and dirt and keep the door shining.

In terms of general maintenance, it is recommended that you lubricate all moving parts, including hinges, handles and knockers, every 6 months.

Are Composite Doors Energy Efficient?

Especially in recent years, there has understandably been a huge focus worldwide on conserving energy and making all aspects of life more energy-efficient.

Composite doors have been designed to retain heat and reduce the amount of heat lost from your home. In fact, composite doors have been proven to be around 10 times more energy-efficient than wooden doors.

How Long will a composite Door Last?

A composite door will, on average, last around at least 30 years. A minimum of three decades is an incredibly high standard, and it just shows how composite doors are built to last!

Where Do We Offer Our Composite Doors?

Here at Chase Garage Doors, we are proud to offer our composite doors throughout Cannock, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Rugeley and beyond. Make sure to get in touch with our experts to discuss your new composite door.

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