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Garage Doors in the Winter

Garage Doors in the WInter

Garage Doors in the Winter

Why Are Garage Doors Important in the Winter?

Winter is quickly approaching us. It’s time to put behind us the times of relaxing on beaches, soaking up the sun, and spending our free times indoors, and embrace colder conditions, relaxing at home in the warm, and celebrating the festive season. Winter is a time where our lifestyles change as the temperature drops. Instead of sleeping with our windows open, we wrap up warm with our radiators on and instead of choosing to walk to places, we may choose to drive or use public transport to ensure our warmth. As simple as it may seem, ensuring to keeping warm throughout the winter does come at a cost. Whether it be heating in your home, a new coat or jacket, public transport, or petrol for your car, extra money will be required to keep you warm throughout the winter.

When it comes to heating in your home, there are actually many surprising elements of your home that can keep you warm, and reduce your heating bills. One of these is in fact your garage door. Many old garage doors contain little or no insulation or may have cracks which allow in colder air. This can progress to the cold air entering your home, meaning extra heating is needed. An effective garage door can actually have many benefits during the winter, which can positively impact how much you spend and your lifestyle. In the post, we have provided you with a variety of reasons why a high-quality garage door is important during the summer and what impact it can have to your home and lifestyle during the winter.

Providing Safety to Your Home

Besides the home heating benefits of having an effective garage door, it can also keep your home even safer. Many modern garage doors are extremely secure and would seem near enough impossible to break in to without heavy-duty equipment. An example of this is an automatic garage door, which can only be unlocked with a key that opens the garage for you. This means it isn’t possible for you to manually unlock the garage from the exterior. For this to be broken in to, the face of the garage would have to be destroyed, which also would be near enough impossible without heavy-duty equipment. Roller garage doors would also be another great example. These garage doors to be lifted with a specific technique, which could only ever be done when the garage is unlocked. Again, without heavy-duty equipment, this type of garage door would be near enough impossible to break into. 

Christmas is a time where many valuable items are stored in your home waiting to be given as gifts. Due to this, burglars are aware and can target homes for the valuable items inside. The added safety from a high-quality garage door will allow you to store the gifts and valuable items in your garage with an incredibly slim chance of the items being stolen. Garages are also excellent places to hide Christmas gifts if you have children as you can usually leave both doors locked. With a high-quality garage door, you will not have to worry about finding a hiding place for the presents, or your children finding the presents in an obvious location. This benefit also works throughout the year for other purposes, a secure garage would prevent your children from entering your garage and touching any potentially dangerous items that are stored such as flammable fluids or power tools.

Benefits for Your Car

Deicing Car in Winter

Many people across the United Kingdom still use their garages for their original purpose, to store a car. Especially during the winter due to temperatures and weather conditions. An effective garage door can tackle many common problems that drivers experience during the winter. As previously mentioned, modern and efficient garage doors usually contain layers of insulation, meaning your home can stay warm during the winter. If your car is stored in your garage, this means it can keep your car warm overnight. No one enjoys driving to work in a freezer cold car with a cold steering wheel, and with a well-insulated garage door, you can drive to work all winter long in a warm car, keeping you motivated for your shifts. 

Storing your car in your garage with an effective garage door will also keep it away from winter weather conditions. This means you will not have to waste your mornings de-icing your car or trying to remove piles of snow from your windscreen. Without having to rush or get up early to clear your cars windscreen, it means your winter mornings can be much more peaceful and relaxing before setting off. Spending time clearing your windscreen could even delay your journey, leading you to be potentially late for work or for important events. Efficient garage doors can ensure a much less stressful lifestyle.

Keep your car safe as well as your home is also highly important. New garage doors have a multitude of safety features that protect your garage and your home. This also means if you choose to store your car in your garage, your car will also be protected additionally to your home. Efficient garage doors are also excellent for concealing that there is a car inside of the garage. If where your car is stored is important to you, we would recommend storing your car in a garage with a high-quality, safe, garage door. 

Keeping Your Home Warm

As mentioned at the start, the insulation in a high-quality garage door can help to keep your home warm throughout the winter. Warmth in your home during the winter is vital for your health, to be able to relax and to live a non-stressful lifestyle. Old garage doors can be susceptible to wear and tear, cracks, and may have little or no insulation. This can lead to your house becoming much colder, and not just that, it will dramatically increase your heating bills. Our garage doors are constructed with fantastic quality insulating materials that keep your home warm throughout the winter. If your current garage doors are old, then you may be unknowingly overspending on your heating bills. By purchasing a new garage door before winter officially begins, you may save money all winter long on heating, providing your self with extra money for winter essentials such as Christmas presents, money for transport, thicker clothes, ingredients for cooking, and much more. This is why warmth from other sources in your home is beneficial besides the additional warmth. A common theme of brand new and efficient garage doors is that they have the ability to reduce stress by allowing you to relax more and spend less money.

Garage Doors Stoke

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