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Top Modern Designs for Garage Doors in 2024

Top Modern Designs for Garage Doors in 2024

Modern homes are capturing hearts with clean lines that speak volumes, making every corner intentional and every detail purposeful. Minimalism is the key, where less clutter means more calm.  Natural materials like wood and stone bring the outdoors in, turning homes into organic sanctuaries. Neutral palettes of soft hues become the canvas, allowing architecture to shine. Modern design is a timeless ode to thoughtful living, where elegance is found in the art of less.  With over 25 years of experience we have seen exterior house style trends come and go, we know what is timeless. We are well-versed in matching home styles to front doors and garage doors for an alignment of style. 


Overhead Sectional Garage DoorHormann Garage Doors

If you want to make your home stand more modern, our sectional doors are a great choice. They’ll catch your guests’ eyes and spark interesting conversations. These doors don’t require extra space to open or close, making them highly practical for storage and everyday use. You can also enjoy lower energy costs thanks to their excellent insulation and feel secure knowing they have undergone thorough security testing.

These doors are the most versatile option you can choose, at Chase Garage Doors we offer Hörmann sectional garage door. They open vertically upwards, save you space inside your garage as well as in front of it. They fit in any garage door opening and provide up to 14 cm more passage width than up-and-over doors.  Choose from a large range of sectional door customisation options: from natural wood, painted wood, different timber types, surface finishes, wood preservations, and various shades of steel or aluminium.

The doors are well-sealed with flexible and weather-resistant seals on all sides. Additionally, all of their sectional doors can be upgraded with electric automation.


Matching Garage and Front Door

Match your garage to your entrance door. Chase Garage Door we are a specialist distributor of Hörmann’s garage and front doors. This partnership allows us to offer a large range of door styles that can be co-ordinated to result in a aligned design. Matching the front and garage doors can work really well if there are quite a few design elements going on in the building already. If for example, your property is made up of different combinations of stonework or wood panelling and there are different colours already vying for attention. Then you will probably want to add balance back in by maintaining the same design and finish across both your front and garage doors.


Go For a Neutral Colour Palette

Modern Dark Grey Paneled Garage Door

A neutral garage door, such as warm light neutrals or greys, complements light-coloured stone exteriors. Echoing the door colour in plant pots or guttering further integrates the garage door into the surrounding environment. Period or listed properties often feature front doors in neutral tones like grey, taupe, and cream. Choosing a neutral tone for your front door or garage door updates the classic elements of the house front while keeping the historical charm. A front door or garage door in a neutral shade can bridge the gap between traditional features and contemporary, modern styles. Grey’s neutrality allows it to effortlessly match with any neighbourhood colour scheme, no need to worry about clashing or standing out too much.





In 2024, we know that modern garage doors are about simplicity and effortless style. As a company, we have over 25 years experience designing and installing garage doors across the Midlands. Regardless of the style you choose, know that your garage door will be eye-catching, practical, well insulated and secure. Speak to one of the team today, either online using our form, via the phone, or visit us in our garage door showroom to find out which styles would upgrade your home’s exterior to a modern aesthetic.