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Hormann Sectional Doors – What you need to know!

Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann Sectional Doors – What you need to know!

In today’s market, there is a range of different types of Garage Doors available. Each door is built for a different purpose and a different set of customers. Whether you want a garage door that is split down the middle providing you with an easy way to access the Garage, or whether you want a door that adds extra security and insulation to your garage; there are many different options to choose from. Garage Doors also come in a range of different styles aimed at fitting in seamlessly with the current exterior look of many homes and is another thing to think about. We have over 30 years of experience in helping customers choose and install their new garage doors and are here to help.

This article will discuss the Hormann Sectional Doors in particular and give customers a good understanding of the products that Hormann offer – If you would like to speak with a member of the Chase Garage Doors then please get in touch today. You can also check out our Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions by heading to the link provided.

What are Hormann Sectional Doors?

Firstly, Sectional Garage Doors are different from traditional garage doors they utilise space very efficiently opening up vertically and are then stored in the ceiling. Sectional Garage Doors are split into multiple sections proving an easier way to open the garage door and also come with a range of automatic remotes. Whilst these are a lot easier to use and also efficient in terms of saving space, they are also extremely weather resistant with a range of different seals providing the security needed from the elements.

Hormann as a company is one of Europes leading Garage Door providers. They not only make their well known sectional garage doors but also make a range of front doors and other similar products. Hormann pride themselves on providing “ultramodern” designs with all of the Garage Doors being manufactured at one of their state of the art factories. Heading over to the Horman Site will give you a bit more information on the company, their background and the great quality of doors that they produce.

What are the different types of Hormann Garage Doors?

As with many manufacturers of Garage Doors they like to provide a range of different styles to help accommodate for various customers. We have touched upon their sectional garage doors but what other doors do they offer? Below are the main ones that you should be aware of.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors are similar to that of sectional garage doors in the way that they open vertically and are stored in the ceiling. They have one key difference in the way that the roller garage door has multiple sections that all move; with the sectional garage doors, there are only 2-4 main sections that move. Horman is proud to offer a range of colours with their roller garage doors and we can colour match the doors to fit in with the exact look of your home.

Side Sliding Garage Doors

As the name suggests, this type of garage door is very different from the sectional and roller garage doors offered by Hormann. The one similarity between these doors and sectional garage doors is the break up of the door into different sections. The great thing about side sliding doors is that they require less effort to open and is a great way to save space. To open this door you slide along the tracks where it is finally stored down the side of your garage wall!

Up and Over Garage Doors 

Up and Over Garage Doors are often considered the most traditional type of garage door and are known for their ease of installation and durability. Similar to roller garage doors these open vertically and sit on top of your garage ceiling. Constructed with steel these garage doors come in a range of styles and are also available within the colour matching service we offer. On the Hormann website, they refer to their up and over garage door as “Europe’s best-selling garage door”

Hormann Garage Door PDF

Below you can find the PDF for the current range of Hormann Garage Doors – We are available to talk about what you need from a Garage Door and match your requirements to the best fit for you. Please speak with a member of the Chase Garage Doors Team today to get the ball rolling.




What are some of the other services that we offer?

In addition to our garage door installation service, we also provide a range of maintenance and repair on a range of Garage Doors. We pride ourselves on giving customers sound advice that explains the sometimes complicated world of garage doors in an easy to understand way. During your first call or meeting with us, we will try to extract as much information as we can about you. This allows us to match the best-suited garage to you or if it is a repair job fully understand what is required.

With all of our installations, we provide a 1-year warranty and there may be more warranties available with your specific garage door. We will discuss this with you prior to installing the garage door so that you have the full picture. In addition to this, we have a very long and healthy relationship with our suppliers and will be able to work closely with them so that you are in the loop on delivery and can effectively plan your time scales.

You can check out some of the range of services by heading on over to the links provided.

What do our Customers have to say?

We are always keen to know what our customers think about the service that we offer. It is important for us to understand what needs to be improved on so that we can continue to offer the highest quality in everything that we do.

One of our recent customers had the below to say.

Ok, so we are returning customers, We have had 4 garage doors from Chase. They have installed both manual and electric doors. Originally chase was recommended to us by a customer who had used them before. Easy to deal with, written quote provided, always within a time frame agreed sometimes earlier, install team turned up on time and finished doors to a high standard

Who are Chase Garage Doors?

Chase Garage Doors have over 30 Years of Experience within the Garage Door industry and offer a high level of service from start to finish, providing customers with clarity and guidance throughout the whole process. If it is your first time using Chase Garage Doors then we guarantee 30% off your first purchase with us. The showroom is also open 6 days a week and a member of our friendly team will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

To help our customers understand a bit more about the process here at Chase Garage Doors we have created our Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions page. Another thing that we are proud to offer is our Free Survey – If you provide us with your measurements we can then provide you with the guide price.

We hope you have taken something away from this article today and we look forward to hearing from you.