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What Impacts the Cost of Garage Door Repair?

What Impacts the Cost of Garage Door Repair?

The cost to fix and repair a garage door will depend on various factors. There are numerous brands and styles of garage doors which all have their complexities and issues that may break within them. This guide will take you through the different types of garage doors and common issues.


What are the Different Factors that Affect Garage Door Repair Costs?


Different Door Types & Common Issues 

Chase Garage Doors offers a selection of 6 different types of garage doors. Each door type is unique in its way and offers its benefits, features, styles, mechanisms and price points. Typically, the more complex the door is, the more it will cost to repair when an issue occurs. For example, fixing/replacing the motor in an automatic garage door will likely cost more than fixing the hinge in a traditional, up-and-over garage door.  


Up and Over Garage Doors

Up-and-over garage doors are typically the most reliable, durable and cost-effective type of door for your garage. They are usually made from cast aluminium and galvanized steel, resulting in a strong door that will last for many years. They are made to accommodate different sizes of garages including single and double width garages. 


The most common issue that occurs in these types of doors is the torsion or extension springs weaken over time. As a result of this, they will naturally break or snap. The torsion and extension spring is what keeps the door open and stable. This is a straightforward repair for a qualified garage door repair technician which typically takes between 1-2 hours to fix. 

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Sectional Garage Doors 

Sectional garage doors are made from sections, hence the name ‘sectional’. Each section of the door panel moves vertically to open and sits parallel to the ceiling when opened. This ensures maximum space saving inside and outside of the garage. When installed properly, it’s also weather resistant as it seals all 4 sides in, protecting the interior of your garage from rain, wind, dust, snow or anything else. 


Due to this type of door’s complex structure, it typically requires more maintenance than other types of doors and more components are required for this door meaning that more things could break. A frequent issue with sectional garage doors is the rollers become damaged or worn out over time. Like all garages, a sectional door is an intricate system and should be repaired by a professional. 

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Roller Garage Doors 

Roller garage doors open from the bottom to the top. When opened, the door wraps around itself creating a cylinder at the ceiling of your garage. This type of garage door is perfect if you’d like to utilise all the space within your garage as they don’t take up much additional space like other model types. They are simple to operate and can come in many different styles and finishes. 


A common issue with roller doors is obstructed tracks or a broken spring. If the tracks have been checked for no obstructions and the door will still not open, it may be worth reaching out to an expert to fix the issue. A broken spring will happen over time if the door hasn’t been maintained well, especially as it weakens over time and use. 

Sectional Garage Door Benefits

Automatic Garage Doors 

Automatic garage doors are perfect if your garage is used as storage for your car. With a click of a button, you can open and close your garage door, saving you the need to leave your vehicle to open the door. This is very beneficial if the weather is terrible!


An issue we commonly see with automatic garage doors is that the motor can become faulty over time. If your door opens slowly or opens and closes partially, this is likely due to the motor. If the door doesn’t open at all, this may be an issue if you need to leave for work and your car is stuck in the garage. 

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Side-hinged Garage Doors

As the name suggests, the side-hinged door opens from the side like a traditional door. They are a secure option for garage doors as they can be locked from the outside. They are the ideal solution if you don’t require the access a traditional garage needs, for example putting a car in the garage. 


An issue that comes with side-hinged garage doors is the hinges can become weak over time. When a hinge becomes weak, it’ll likely snap and will need to be replaced. We recommend annual checkups for your side-hinged doors to ensure they are maintained. If it’s maintained well it will increase the overall expectancy for your garage door.

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GRP Garage Doors

GRP (glass-reinforced polyester) is a popular garage door type due to its low maintenance. As fibreglass doesn’t corrode, it’ll also last longer compared to metal which can rust and wood which can rot. It’s also lightweight compared to other garage doors, making it easier to open. 


An issue that occurs with GRP is that once it dents or cracks upon impact, the door will likely need to be replaced. This is because when it’s damaged it becomes very weak, making it an easy target for thieves to break into. It also doesn’t offer insulation properties like alternative door types do. If you’ll be using your garage for more than just storage, you may need to consider insulation within your garage. 

Warranty with Chase Garage Doors 

At Chase Garage Doors we offer 1 year warranty on all installations. If your garage door isn’t working correctly due to the installation on our behalf, we will fix the problem free of charge for up to 1 year after installation.


If your garage door breaks, our garage door manufacturers offer between 2-10 year warranty, depending on your purchase. 


We offer garage door installation, repairs and maintenance and we have been for the past 30+ years. If you have any questions or would like a free quote, contact our head office at 01543 467 175.