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Garage Door Making Noises

Garage Door Making Noises

Garage Door Making Noises

Garage Door Making Noises? Diagnostics & Repairs


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Your garage door is a fantastic feature of your home – you may be confused as to why your garage door is making a lot of noise. This could be an indication that your garage door needs some TLC or could be an indicator of something more serious. As your garage door likely sees extensive day-to-day use – it’s therefore important to make sure that you are on top of maintenance and that your garage door is in top condition.


This article will ensure that you have all of the information that you need to identify and assess the reasons as to why your garage door may be making noises and how to fix or arrange for a repair. In some cases – a replacement garage door may be required in which you will need to get in contact with a qualified professional that specialises in garage doors


Common Garage Door Issues – Loose Garage Door Parts


Loose hardware components are likely to make your garage door make a serious amount of noise when in operation. Should your rollers and hinges start to wobble – this means that they are worn out. Metal hinges become noisy if they are worn down over time or if they become bent. Issues with rollers or hinges will likely cause a high-pitched screech or grinding noise when operating your garage door. Should the chain come loose then this creates a smacking of the chain as the rollers will smack against the track from irregular movements. If you have nuts or bolts that are loose – this can cause vibration which will also make a rattling noise when the garage door is opening.


Worn parts, hardware and other areas of your garage door will require lubrication. This can amend issues with worn or damaged parts likely needing to be replaced. The movement of garage doors generates friction which is why you are likely to hear squeaking, rattling or grinding when your garage door is opening. Ensuring that your garage door is properly lubricated should resolve these issues.


Common Garage Door Issues – Unbalanced Doors


Unbalanced doors can cause additional damage to your entire garage door system. Unbalance in your doors can cause issues such as snapped cabling or snapped springs as there is additional strain asserted onto these components. If your door is taking a while to open or close, isn’t opening at all, makes odd noises such as scraping or rattling – you likely have an unbalanced garage door. 


Fixing Or Repairing a Garage Door



There are a number of diagnostics that you can carry out when looking to repair your garage door but if you are unsure – it’s always best to contact a professional garage door company. There are many different situations in which you may have to arrange for a replacement garage door and we often advise our clients on whether they will need a replacement or if they can carry out a repair. 


Loose components that are present within your garage door may need to be tightened as this will reduce the amount of noise that is caused by loose components. Other components that may be affected or are making noise because of friction may need to be lubricated so that they are better suited to the operation of your garage door.


Should you require a replacement garage door – you should always contact a reputable garage door company. Should you require a garage door in the Midlands or want to find out more about how you can repair or replace your garage door then give a member of our expert team a call today on: 01543 467175 or enquire online using a contact form on our website.

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