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Garage Door Buying Guide

Garage Door Buying Guide

Garage Door Buying Guide

A Guide to Buying Your First or Next Garage Door


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It can be quite daunting when looking for your first or next garage. As there is a lot of information online covering which garage door may be best for your requirements, the considerations that you will need to make as well as which garage door is best suited to your property. With all of the garage doors that are available – you are able to find a garage door that perfectly suits your requirements, protect your vehicles and truly upgrade your garage space.


Chase Garage doors is a family run business established close to 3 decades. We pride ourselves on offering customers branded named doors with a guaranteed 30% discount off the RRP. Guide prices are offered coupled with a free site survey. Our website and Facebook page have digital brochures available to assist you in making your choice. This article will provide you with all the information you need when looking for your garage door.


What are the Types of Garage Door Available?


One of the most popular and well-known styles of garage door is the ‘Up & Over’ Garage Door. These are some of the most reliable and safe garage doors on the market. There’s a huge variety available to choose from which is why these garage doors are so popular. The customisation aspect of these doors means that you can speak to any member of our team to arrange for the installation of a door that suits the style of your property to the letter. One of the most Common Up and Over Garage Doors that we use here at Chase is the Hormann Series 2000 range – this is created exclusively for the UK market and the range of styles further add to the customisability choices.


Sectional Garage Doors are built, designed and engineered with the highest quality materials. These doors are extremely well insulated which is great to ensure that your garage is insulated. Great security and safety is also guaranteed when opting for a sectional garage door. The door is constructed into multiple sections which open vertically when in operation. The exceptional strength and weather resistance of these types of garage door ensures longevity – making these an exceptional investment for your home.


Roller Garage Doors utilise the highest quality materials which provide a well-insulated and efficient garage door system. Roller garage doors are available with a range of high-quality finishes ranging from aluminium to steel and also timber. Our expert installers are able to guide you when making your choice of garage door as well as being able to advise you on installing roller garage doors in your home.


Automatic Garage Doors truly take garage doors to the next level utilising innovative technology. Automatic garage doors provide ease of access to garages and can be installed for both single and double garages – fitting a variety of sizes. These types of garage doors are perfect for those who keep their vehicles inside of their garage as it is easy to operate your garage door with your remote. These doors are also highly insulated ensuring that during the winter months your garage can be used as much more than a storage unit with your automatic garage door that is second to none in terms of security.


Why Should I Install a Garage Door?


After the Split Garage Door Installation 


Garage doors offer a wide range of benefits to your property ranging from increasing your personal security as well as increasing the convenience and aesthetic appeal of your home. The many benefits of choosing to install a new garage door are as follows:


There is a huge variety of garage doors available as we have touched upon. This offers you a great deal of choice when looking for your new garage door. There are a wide range of garage door styles available which will allow you to choose the garage door that is perfect to your requirements.


Modern technology puts convenience to the forefront for many users. Garage doors are also extremely convenient – especially when automated and this makes your garage door a fantastic investment when looking for convenient technology to install in your home.


Garage doors are also suited to match the look and style of your property to the letter. With the many varieties of designs that are available – you are able to create a consistent and intricate aesthetic along the front of your property. There are also a range of materials available such as aluminium, steel and timber. This ensures that you are able to select a garage door that ideally suits your property.


The security of your home is likely to be of the utmost importance. Whether this is the security of your home overall or the security of your vehicles – a new garage door is perfectly suited to increase the security of your home. Another added benefit when choosing to install a new garage door is this can reduce the costs of your vehicle insurance. This is because of the fact that you have taken steps to actively increase the security of your vehicles or home – insurance companies are likely to give you discounted rates on insurance. Couple this with other security systems such as a CCTV system and you can potentially get great savings on your insurance.


Choosing to Install a Garage Door – What are the Considerations?


Roller Garage Doors


Should you be looking to increase the security of your home – a garage door is a perfect choice for you. When choosing your garage door – it’s important to decide your budget as this may affect your final choice of garage door. This may depend on the amount of security that you require, the maintenance that will be required for your garage door after installation, what material and colour you will require as well as the insulation requirements for your garage door.


We have a versatile and intricate range of garage doors available that is ideally suited for a wide range of budgets and requirements. Our expert team is more than happy to discuss your personal requirements as well as what you will need from your garage door. If you would like to speak with a member of the Chase Garage Doors team then please give us a call or fill in our contact form below – We look forward to hearing from you.

    If requiring a new door and frame measure brick to brick.

    If needing a new door only and not a new frame measure from the opening of the timber height and width.

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