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Quick Guide to Choosing a Composite Front Door Colour and Style from Visage

Your front door is a key element in making a lasting impression on your home’s exterior. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the process.


What is the Style of Your Home?

When selecting the colour for your composite front door, it’s important to align it with the overall style of your home. Visage Brand Doors understands the varied preferences in property styles, offering an extensive range of 36 door designs and 16 colours, ensuring a perfect match for every home, whether contemporary or traditional.


Composite Front Door Colour Options

Visage provides a variety of popular colours to suit different tastes and home styles. From versatile white and clean grey to the classic oak/wood effect, bold black, coastal-inspired blue or navy, and natural green – Visage offers a colour palette that complements your home and personal architectural style.


Choose a Bright Front Door Colour

Feel free to experiment with bold, bright colours for your front door. Choosing a vibrant hue is a smaller commitment compared to painting your entire house. If bright colours feel too daring, consider dark versions like burgundy or forest green for a sophisticated touch.


Match Front Door with Your Home’s Surroundings

Visage doors are thoughtfully designed to harmonise with their surroundings, ensuring that the chosen door colour complements other elements in your entryway and blends seamlessly into your property’s aesthetic. This integration also contributes to a cohesive look within your neighbourhood.


Front Door Elements to Consider with Visage Brand Doors

The Visage front door range goes beyond colour options, offering diverse door styles and glazing options. With 31 distinct door styles and 27 decorative or bevelled glass options, you can customise your door to fit your unique preferences and the specific needs of your home. This customisation aligns your front door with your individual style.


Why We Love Visage Doors

  • Colour Consistency: Visage composite doors are designed to maintain consistent colours on both sides for a cohesive look.
  • Colour Fading: Visage doors resist colour fading over time due to their well-constructed and treated materials.
  • Treating Faded Doors: Modern Visage composite doors are less prone to weathering, requiring minimal maintenance.


Choose the Right Material

Visage Composite Doors stand out among materials like solid wood, uPVC, and aluminum. Renowned for their strength, durability, and thermal efficiency, Visage doors offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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