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Sprucing up a property with second hand door .

New Garage Door Installation

Sprucing up a property with second hand door .

Do Chase Garage Doors Install Used Garage Doors?

We at Chase Garage Doors, are always happy to try to accommodate you where possible with a door that may have been a misfit or wrong style choice. If you do require this service, then give us a call to discuss second hand garage doors. Our garage door sales, installation and 24 hour repair team are polite, friendly, and professional. 

Many customers may wish to move home and not invest in a brand-new garage door, or wish to spruce up a property that they rent out.


Used Garage Door Installation Service

We offer garage door fitting and installation services to Cannock and the surrounding areas. We are approved installers for brands such as Hormann, Visage and Garador. Our expert team can install both manual and automated garage doors.

Here is an example of one of our pre-owned up and over garage door installations, used Hormann Vertical 7070 in White for Mr. Birt’s property in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

The Hormann Vertical garage door combines classic design with affordability, suitable for both traditional and modern properties. These up and over garage doors are low upkeep, and a durable paint finish on the rivet-free panel. The strong box section chassis and secure euro cylinder with locking rods provide added security. Options include canopy or retractable gear, a lot of colour choices, automation, handles, and a Weather Defender floor seal. 

This used garage door is a Hormann vertical 7070 in White. The team to a wooden frame fitted for:

Before                                       After 

Old Wood Garage DoorHormann vertical 7070 in White Used Garage Door


If you would like to find out more about the range of garage doors we provide, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below;

    If requiring a new door and frame measure brick to brick.

    If needing a new door only and not a new frame measure from the opening of the timber height and width.

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    Are There any Risks Involved in Buying a Second Hand Garage Door?

    In the world of buying and selling used items, garage doors are no exception to the trend. However, considering a used garage door as a replacement for your existing one may not be the wisest decision. While the idea of saving money might be tempting, certain risks and drawbacks need to be considered before making a choice.

    Some garage door companies would advise to steer clear of purchasing a used garage door, and there are compelling reasons for this caution. Speaking with a garage door specialist is the best approach to understand the advantages of investing in a new garage door.

    If you feel you need to go second hand to save on money, then think again. At Chase Garage Doors, we have discount garage doors for sale, so getting a new garage door may not be nearly as expensive as you think. 


    What You Need to Know Before Buying a Second Hand Garage Door

    Wood garage doors may look stunning initially, but buying a used one poses specific challenges. Questions about the previous owner’s quality of care in maintenance, such as painting or refinishing, is important. Issues like warping and dry rot are potential risks, especially when the door has been exposed to the elements without proper care.

    If you are considering buying a used garage door for its promised insulation? Think again. Insulation, crucial for maintaining optimal environmental conditions inside the garage, may be outdated or missing in a used door. Without proper insulation, your garage could be vulnerable to extreme temperatures and high humidity, potentially harming stored belongings. 


    The Quality of Used Garage Door Springs

    Used garage doors often come as a complete package, including hardware like rails and springs. However, used springs can be problematic and unsafe. Given the tension under which garage door springs operate, it’s crucial to know their history. Worn springs can lead to serious injuries or accidents, posing a threat to you, your property, or loved ones.


    Used Garage Door Age and Warranty Considerations

    Finding out the age of a used garage door is useful, as wear and tear over time can affect garage doors in different ways depending on the materials they are made from. Even if a pre-owned door seems new and includes manufacturer documentation, you may ask yourself about why it wasn’t installed. Warranty issues further complicate matters; unlike new doors that come with guarantees, used garage doors are sold “as-is,” leaving buyers without protection in case of problems.

    Contrary to what DIY sites or reality shows might suggest, the installation process of garage doors a complex and potentially hazardous task. Once you have purchased a used garage door, you might struggle to find a reputable professional garage door installer due to the associated dangers and liabilities. However, professional expertise and specialised equipment are core to a safe and proper installation.


    While there are certain considerations and potential risks involved with the purchase of a used garage door, we know that many customers choose this garage door option as it is usually cheaper. At Chase Garage Doors, we appreciate you may be working within a budget, it’s why we sell discounted new garage doors. Our commitment is to provide you with a quality garage door that’s affordable and fit it to a high standard. 

    Whether you’re deciding between the cheaper route of a second-hand garage door or want a for a discounted new garage door. Our expert garage door sales and installation team is ready to help you fit, install, and repair services you may require. Contact us to discuss your garage door budget and preferences, or discover the money-saving garage door options we have in stock.