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Preparing Your Garage Door For Summer

Garage Door in Home

Preparing Your Garage Door For Summer

Our Guide to Prepare Your Garage & Garage Door For Summer

Garage door in Summer

With Summer very soon upon us and the cold months are very much behind us – it is now time to think about maintaining your home to prepare for the warm weather. Your garage and garage door are no exception – requiring preparation before the summer and maintenance during the summer to ensure that nothing goes wrong and you face the need to potentially replace your garage door altogether. We have compiled a list of checks and activities that you can carry out to prepare your garage and to make sure that you are ready for the summer.


Interested to find out more about maintaining your garage door in the Summer? Why not check out our full article? This article goes into great detail about how you can maintain your garage door once the summer hits and make sure that your garage door is well looked after during the summer months.


If you have any concerns about your garage or garage door and want to find out more then get in touch with our friendly team here at Chase Garage Doors by using an online contact form on our website or by telephoning now. If you want to find out more about repairing your garage door or arranging for a replacement garage door – we would also be more than happy to help you.


Preparing Your Garage for Summer


Your garage is an amazing space that can be used as a room, as a storage place for vehicles or a storage place for other items. It’s therefore important that if you want to get ready – to carry out some of our tips below!



If you didn’t get around to spring cleaning your garage, there is still some time to take a look at your garage space and carry out a tidy up. If you find that your garage has become a storage space for an assortment of tools, gardening equipment and supplies, bikes and other clutter – this can quickly spiral out of control and leave you unable to use your garage space effectively. If you can’t even use your garage to store your vehicles, you may have a problem. Why not make a project out of it and organise a cleaning out of your garage? It’s a fun activity and you may find items that you have been looking for and can’t quite remember where you put them! Remember to organise items into items you want to keep and ones that you want to dispose of whilst also keeping in mind items that will need to be stored in the future!


Find All of Your Summer Equipment


It’s likely that all of your Summer equipment has been stored during the Winter. BBQs, tents, camping equipment, buckets and spades, beach umbrellas – these items may all be lurking in your garage during the Winter. You can get organised and arrange for the switch over of your Winter items for Summer ones if you have not done so already. With the warm weather that we have had recently – it’s the perfect way to get into the mood for Summer with hopefully some form of normality returning during the Summer months. 


Secure Your Garage from Thieves!


Unfortunately – heatwaves can result on an increase in crime due to the fact that would-be thieves know that people are likely to be out and about enjoying the sun and not residing in their homes which makes your home a potential target. Police have estimated that crime has fallen sharply by 28% since the start of the lockdown which unfortunately means that after it is eased – crime may be set to increase again. Ensuring that your garage is fully secure is highly important to protect your belongings and your home from potential burglary. This also extends to preparing your garage door, as this is the main defence mechanism against a potential breach from the outside.


Preparing Your Garage Door for Summer


Your garage door as mentioned is the main point of access to your garage. This means that your door is key to protecting your garage as well as controlling the temperature of your garage. As well as preparing your garage, you can also take steps to prepare your garage door to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the Summer and you can enjoy your garage during the hot weather!


Keeping Your Garage Cool With Garage Door Maintenence


Being able to smoothly open your garage door when your garage is becoming too warm is the perfect way to keep your garage cool during hot weather. It’s important to consider how much time you spend in your garage as if you are spending a lot of time in your garage space or you are using your garage to store your vehicles – you may want to consider some form of airconditioning to be installed in your garage space if you find that it is becoming incredibly hot. If you have entryways into your garage that is not your garage door – you can also keep this open to keep your garage cool. Ensuring that your garage door is working smoothly and correctly is of the utmost importance.


Getting in the Habit of Garage Door Maintenence


As with a lot of maintenance tasks, getting in the habit of carrying out garage maintenance is the best way to keep your garage doors in top condition. There are a lot of moving parts that are in operation in your garage door so keeping your door maintained keeps you and your family safe when your garage door is in operation and makes sure that your garage is fully ready for summer use.


Giving the Garage Door Itself Some TLC

Garage door in home

Although cleaning the mechanisms and inner workings of your garage door is highly important to keep your garage door running correctly – the cleaning of the door itself it also very important! Snow, sleet, rain and other elemental impacts may have left your garage door looking worse for wear ready for the Summer. It’s actually very easy to clean your garage door – especially in the Summer! Just simply take a bucket of water with soap or with cleaning solution. For tough stains, consider using diluted bleach and water. This is great for stains such as salt stains which are hard to remove with soap and water.


If you research and are happy with painting your garage door – it can definitely be a great idea to give your garage door a fresh set of paint to give your garage door a fresh look. As your garage door is likely on the front of your home – it’s a great idea to consider giving your garage door some TLC to make your home look fantastic.


If you are having issues with your garage door or are looking for a new garage door or a replacement garage door then get in touch with our team of experts today! We are more than happy to discuss your particular requirements and discuss all of the different garage door styles that are available. To get in touch, use an online contact form below or telephone our team directly now. We are more than happy to help you and help you to achieve the garage door dream.

    If requiring a new door and frame measure brick to brick.

    If needing a new door only and not a new frame measure from the opening of the timber height and width.

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