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New Year – New Garage Door

New Year – New Garage Door

Installing a Garage Door in 2020

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2020 is on the horizon, meaning the beginning of a brand new decade, and for many, a brand new start. For many people across the globe, a new year is an excuse to have a new approach to life, to begin trying new things, to live a different lifestyle, and much more. Many people in the new year decide to have a new approach and live a new lifestyle by taking part in new activities, meeting new people, getting fitter, or even buying new products. If you’re looking to buy new products for a more efficient lifestyle, have you considered a new garage door? Garage doors surprisingly can improve your home life, and if you store your car in your garage, a new garage door can make winter mornings much more relaxing. This post goes into depth why garage doors are a considerable product following the new year and how they can impact your life in and out of your home. 

Keep Your Home Safer This Decade


Generally speaking, old and new garage doors are all highly secure, however, older garage doors can become much easier to break in to. Garages are usually used to store expensive objects such as cars, power tools, and much more, which for burglars are quite attractive items to steal. If you have had your garage door for quite a while, its condition may not be as pristine as its former condition and the door may be much easier to break in to. Modern garage doors are highly secure, meaning breaking into the garage will require excessive amounts of effort and skill, which many burglars do not have. In the time it would take a burglar to break into a garage, it is highly likely that they would have been caught in the act. If you’d rather feel safer at home in the new year or you are concerned that your garage may no longer be as safe, it may be worth considering a brand new garage door to keep your home and valuables safe throughout the new decade.


If we had to recommend a new garage door in terms of safety, we would highly recommend one of our automatic garage doors. Our incredible automatic garage doors can only be accessed with a remote control, therefore, it would be extremely difficult for the garage door to be broken in to. Breaking into an automatic garage would also cause a lot of disruption as the motors and tracks would be extremely difficult to damage. Besides the safety aspects of automatic garage doors, they are also fantastic for keeping your garage insulated and prevent the need for lifting. These garages are ideal for those who struggle with lifting or those who simply wish to save time, additionally to those who wish to feel more confident about the safety of their home. 


Drive to Work in a Warmer Car


One huge negative of the winter is driving to work in the cold, which is even a problem when storing your car in your garage overnight. When storing your car outdoors during the winter, it can also cause your car to have a build-up of frost, which can take time to clear off, which could even lead to lateness to work or any place that you may need to be at a certain time. A new garage door will prevent you from needed to de ice your car in the morning, and your car will also be warm and comfortable for your commute. Garage doors will effectively keep your car warm, eliminating the annoyance of cold hands for when you are getting ready for your morning journey.


You are also able to insulate your garage with a garage door such as a roller garage door. This is ideal if you are using your garage for other purposes such as for a home cinema or games room. If you are planning on using your garage for these kinds of activities – it can get quite cold without the proper insulation installed and in-place. A garage door such as a roller garage door can help with the insulation of your garage.


Smooth Operation – Every Time


Older style garage doors can be difficult to operate or may become difficult to operate over time. This can also affect the locking systems of your garage door which can put your vehicles at risk to intruders. A new roller garage door or electric garage door will ensure smooth operation of your door. This will ensure that your door works perfectly and runs smoothly whenever you need to access your garage or vehicles.


Choose a Garage Door Style That Suits Your Home


Purchasing and installing a new garage door allows you to style your garage door to your home. This is perfect for those who feel that they have an outdated current door and want to make a change in the New Year. Your old door was likely installed by somebody else who may not have shared your preferences so getting a replacement is a simple way to add your own personal touch to your property. 


With our garage doors for example – you are able to match your windows or doors. This allows you to match your home to your garage which will ensure that your home matches your requirements to the letter. This is also a fantastic investment in the New Year, due to the fact that the property market is very busy.


Home Improvements in the New Year


January is always an extremely busy time in the property market for both selling and purchasing properties. This is why considering upgrading or purchasing a new garage door can be a great investment. For those who are looking to sell their property – a new garage door can make your home more attractive to buyers and can add value to your home. Garage doors can also help lower vehicle insurance as you have taken extra steps to secure your vehicles that are secured in your home.


When moving into a new property – a garage door is a fantastic investment to consider. This is because of the fact that there is an area to secure vehicles and you can make changes to make your home suit your requirements. Whether you are purchasing a new property or looking to market a current property – a garage door is perfectly suited for you.


Invest in a New Garage Door in 2020!

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Don’t just take our word for it! A garage door is a great investment to consider in 2020. With the various design options that are available as well as colours and functionality – you can choose the perfect garage door or find an ideal replacement to your current garage door if it is not currently fit for purpose or doesn’t suit your needs. With 25 years of experience – our team of garage door experts can help you if you are looking for a new garage door


We also provide a FREE guidance price service. If you call the office or message us on Facebook with your measurements we can give you a guide price. Get in touch today using an online contact form on our website or telephone a member of our friendly team now on: 01543 467175


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