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Garage Door Maintenance during Summer!

Garage Door Maintenance during Summer!

Garage Door Maintenance during Summer!

Maintaining your Garage Door is vital for longevity and usability of your Garage Door – Taking time out of your day to work through any tweaks, repairs and other bits is a must. These checks and tweaks will ensure that your Garage Stays in good working order. The maintenance tips are easy to follow but if you are having trouble with your Garage Door, we offer a range of Garage Door repair and maintenance services here at Chase if needed. As a safety measure, we want to remind readers of this blog that you should not touch the high tension cables and always have safety at the forefront of any work you are doing on your garage.

If you have any questions for the Chase Garage Doors team then please get in touch with us today!

  • Take a moment and listen for any abnormalities

One of the easiest checks to help maintain your garage door is to attentively listen when opening the door. You will be able to pick out any sounds that are out of place. This is something you should be wary off whenever opening the garage door. It is a good idea to listen out for any nuts or bolts that may be hitting together. In addition to listening for sounds, pay attention to the way the door feels to open if it is becoming stiffer it may be time that you do some work to the door.

  • Lubricate Joints, Springs & Moving Parts

As time goes on joints, springs and any moving parts within a garage door can become sluggish and in need of additional lubrication to speed things up. This is common with garage doors so if this applies to you, do not worry! Doing this proactively prior to noticing the need for this will also ensure that there is no possibility of problems building up with your garage door.

  • Test the balance of your Garage Door

A common health check to perform on your garage is to assess the balance of the Garage Door. An unbalanced door can result in more stress being placed on some of the tracks and this can then lead to further problems. You can check the balance by disconnecting the garage door opener and releasing the red cord (handle). Once this has been released open the door to about halfway up. In doing this, you will be able to see if the counterweight system is correctly balanced.  If the Garage does not stay put then that shows there is an imbalance. if this needs fixing please speak with a member of the Chase Garage Doors team as this is best left to the experts.

  • Clean the exterior of the Garage Door

The checks mentioned above relate to the functionality of the Garage Door but it is also just as important that the Garage has some curb appeal. Spending time working through any blemishes, stains and marks will drastically change the look of your garage. In some cases, people opt to repaint their entire garage door however we recommend touching up the paint as opposed to fully repainting as you will lose some of the quality from the Garage Door.

  • Remove debris from any tracks

Tracks are the bits on garage doors that sit in the ceiling providing a platform for the garage to travel along and stay in once the doors are open. Debris can build up in the form of dust & objects from the outside making their way into the garage. We recommend checking your tracks once a year to make sure that there is no build-up causing the garage door to open slowly.

We hope that the tips mentioned above help when it comes to maintaining your garage. If you are in the market for a new Garage Door check out the range of Up and Over, Roller and Sectional Garage Doors that we offer.

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