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6 things to know before buying a Garage Door!

6 things to know before buying a Garage Door!

6 things to know before buying a Garage Door!

Buying a new garage door is never the easiest job – there are many different types, styles, brands and sizes to choose from. Asking the right questions and understanding what is important when choosing a garage door is key! Do you want your garage door to have a side-hinged split or is a roller shutter better for your home and style? Taking the time to find out exactly what type of Garage Door that you are after is extremely important. Below we have listed 7 of the main things that you should know and ask yourself ahead of making a decision. You can also check out our Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions page for some of the main questions that we receive at Chase Garage Doors.

1. What size of garage door do you need?

Deciding on the size of Garage Door is one of the most crucial steps – this will allow you to understand the types of Garage Doors that will fit in your space, the cost of these garage doors and the main brands that offer doors of this size. In addition, based on the size of the garage door you are looking for you will be able to get an estimated time of completion when choosing the company. There may be stock of certain sized doors, if not the doors may be built on a made to order basis.

Here at chase garage doors, we recommend always getting your Garage Door professionally measured. Professional companies will be able to make sure that there are no discrepancies – the worst thing is measuring this yourself only to find out that the measurements were slightly off – This is why we always remind customers that we offer a free survey with no obligation.

2. Check out the range of different styles

Various style doors suit different properties. Your headroom will determine the type of door that’s suitable for your property. In addition to this, you must also consider what you’ll be storing in and using the garage for – some doors are designed for top security coupled with great insulation whereas others are designed for practicality and ease of access. Below are the main types of Garage Doors to read up on for your home.

Up and over Garage Doors

This style of Garage Door is often deemed as one of the safest and reliable types of Garage Doors that a Garage can have. These doors use some of the highest quality and durable mechanisms ensuring that the door opens with ease each and every time.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors are perfect for those who want to use their Garage as a functioning room. As the name suggests, the garage door is split into two main sections. This allows the door to be opened easily allowing for ease of access with shopping and other items.

Roller Garage Doors

This type of Garage Door is built with some of the highest quality materials and works by having a track that the garage door slides along when closed. These types of Garage doors are perfect for short driveways and those who have little space on their drive.

Sectional Garage Doors

As the name suggests, this type of garage door is broken down into different sections. These rise up vertically piece by piece. The main reason these are a great addition to any home is because of the lack of space that these take up when opening the Garage Door.

3. Do you want it to be a smart garage door?

Smart homes are the craze for 2019 and ensuring that various devices talk to each other in your home is a great feature to have. Smart Garage Doors save you time and hassle by allowing you to open and close the garage door through the click of a button or voice prompt. Worried if your Garage Door is shut? Check on the app and see the current status of your door. With some models, there are Geolocation features that allow your garage door to open when you are within a certain distance of the door itself. Google Home and Alexa are also integrated with many different smart garage doors allowing you to control the opening and closing of doors through speech.

Smart Garage Doors work by being connected to the garage door – A sensor will then detect the position of the door and transmit this to an app. This will let you know if it is open or closed.

4. Home security – How strong are the panels for the doors.

It is always important to find out how secure the garage door that you are choosing is – Failure to have a Garage Door with strong panels is easier for people to break in to. In addition to this, ensuring that the locking mechanism used on your Garage is of the highest standard will also add to the overall security of the Garage Door – Enquiring with your garage door provider is definitely advised so that you do not have any shocks when the door is finally installed.

5. Check the warranty of the Garage Door

Following on from home security we fully recommend checking how long the warranty lasts for with your garage door – The last thing you want to happen is to pay for a new Garage Door only to have it break and realise that it is not under a warranty or guarantee. All our doors come with a manufacturer warranty which differs per company. We offer a 12-month warranty on fitting and our fitters run through your warranties following installation with you. It is extremely important to check before you buy a new door and make sure you know what warranties are included.

6. Research the company

Choosing a highly reputable company is essential. Look for the types of brands that the company offer. Certain brands will only be associated with reputable long established companies who have a historically sound reputation in the industry. We, of course, give you this security with close to 30 years in the industry.

We hope you have taken something away from this article today. Please speak with a member of the Chase Garage Doors team today to see how we can help with your Garage Door needs.